The Thai Nail Salon opened in the winter of 2014. Why the name Thai Nails? Simple, we are from Thailand.

We provide high quality, spa like, nail services in a clean and comfortable environment. Our tools are cleansed thoroughly, disinfected, and then sanitized in a sterilizer machine after every use.  We use only the best nail polish available. The most important thing about any nail salon are the nail techs.  We believe we are great nails techs and we try to hire staff that meet our standards.  We will do our best to provide great customer service and to make our clients happy and satisfied. Everyone deserves to have healthy looking and beautiful hands and feet. Our mission is to transform you into looking and feeling special. Enjoy your life and take care of your body. Thank you for visiting Thai Nails. We appreciate your business.

We provide only natural nail services. No acrylic nail services are done in order to keep a clean and odor free environment.

Have a free drink during your service. Relax, take it easy, and enjoy yourself. Let us take care of you today.